Recognizing the need for highly-qualified risk professionals in the emerging field of enterprise risk management (ERM) and the profession’s deep knowledge of risk management, actuarial organizations around the world converged to establish the most rigorous and advanced global ERM credential.

Founded on the principles of actuarial science and the framework of ERM, the CERA credential represents expertise, insight, creativity and integrity. The formation of the CERA credential is an unprecedented collaborative achievement of the worldwide actuarial profession and signifies actuaries’ longstanding commitment to serving the risk management needs of the global marketplace.

CERA will be offered worldwide by associations of the International Actuarial Association (IAA) who  signed the global treaty in Hyderabad in November 2009 and whose qualifications meet the minimum required standard, as defined by the Global CERA Steering Group, both in terms of syllabus content and quality assurance. Each of the thirteen signatories will offer their own route to CERA.