Congratulations to Jared Strock from the Society of Actuaries, who has become the 2000th Chartered Enterprise Risk Actuary.

February, 2014

Congratulations to the new CERAs who have qualified with the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries in December 2013.

January, 2014
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CERA - the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) credential

The CERA Enterprise Risk Management credential is the most comprehensive and rigorous globally-recognised Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) designation and is supported by 15 member associations in 14 countries worldwide, including many of the major economies.

The CERA credential combines a robust and forward-looking curriculum underpinned by actuarial science with a strong code of professional conduct and continuing professional development requirements, making it the most advanced and rigorous ERM credential in the world. Businesses that rely on CERAs can make smarter decisions based on sound analysis and understanding of their risks.

CERAs develop effective quality solutions for the risks and opportunities of their clients.

  • CERAs are uniquely qualified to address all types of risk, including financial, operational and strategic risks, by virtue of their training in qualitative and quantitative aspects of enterprise risk management and their experience in integrating diverse insights into business solutions.
  • CERAs are held to professional standards of conduct that identify the responsibilities they have to the public, to their clients and employers and to the actuarial profession.
  • Businesses that rely on CERAs can make smarter, more confident decisions related to complex risk management challenges affecting business and society.

CERA - a global risk management qualification for the future

The rotating banner above displays successively the four variants of the CERA initials. Different countries use different variants of the international CERA designation.

Meet a CERA

Nick is Life Practice Leader and a consulting actuary with the London office of Milliman. He advises life assurance clients on a wide range of...